Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tough Titties

Sorry bloggy land.
I apologize for the lack of wonderment on Hangover Hair.
I have been busy studying Spanish in Mendoza and have not had much time for writing or thinking too much in English.
Also, my internet connection has been treating me like shit.
Anyways, I've got a week 1/2 left of Spanish classes, then after that 1 full week to dedicate to blogging, for your reading pleasure, then off to Chile for a couple days and finally Costa Rica.
So I will be dropping out for a bit in the beginning of March, but then up and running once I get adjusted in Costa Riqueno.
I think its for the best that I am not writing too much right now while taking my classes because I keep wanting to say stuff in Spanish.
My brain is a bit turned around right now. But maybe its a good thing because that means I'm learning Espanol and can one day possibly change the blogs name to "Pelo de Resaca".
Well, tough titties for now, you will just have to read a boring blog while I'm not writing. Or you can just read all my posts over and over and write more comments until you puke.

Peace out ghetto bitches!
Stay true to your soul!

I suppose, me blogging on vacation will look similar to this photo. Although, I'll probably ditch the tie and my hair might be longer.