Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm back!
I know I said I would start writing in Costa Rica, but the beach was far too distracting and the internet didn't work well anyway.
We have had so much fun traveling even with the bumps and obstacles along the way, but we aren't done yet. We still have to make the long cross country trip from my moms in North Carolina all the way back to California.
Along the way, we make stops in Atlanta, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Phoenix.
I really miss a lot of the places we have seen. Chile was amazing! I absolutely fell in love and could see myself living there. I wish we could have been there longer, but 3 days was just enough to want to go back. And even though we got there right after the earthquake which we experienced all the way from Mendoza, we were still able to have a good time. Luckily there wasn't too much damage in the area we stayed and even with the little aftershocks, our hostel was all in good spirits and ready to party.
It was pretty cool being among the first people who were able to leave Santiago after the earthquake. It felt like we were a part of their history there, as we were being filmed by a local news station right as we were coming off the bus to the damaged airport. We were really lucky we didn't have to reschedule our flight like the many other travelers who had to.
Next, we embarked on an amazing vacation to Montezuma, Costa Rica for a couple weeks visiting our friends who lived there. We only stayed a couple weeks because it ended being more expensive than we thought and we were ready to finish our trip to head back home.
But the views there were so amazing.
I have so many pictures from each place we visited, all with their glorious landscapes of mountains, rocks, and bodies of water. And all the beautiful sunsets! My pictures are just a reminder of how lucky I was to experience all of the beauty in other parts of the world.

A view of the sunset from the ferry to Montezuma

Well, that was just an update. Now time to get back to the down right dirty garbage of Hangover Hair.