Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm back!
I know I said I would start writing in Costa Rica, but the beach was far too distracting and the internet didn't work well anyway.
We have had so much fun traveling even with the bumps and obstacles along the way, but we aren't done yet. We still have to make the long cross country trip from my moms in North Carolina all the way back to California.
Along the way, we make stops in Atlanta, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Phoenix.
I really miss a lot of the places we have seen. Chile was amazing! I absolutely fell in love and could see myself living there. I wish we could have been there longer, but 3 days was just enough to want to go back. And even though we got there right after the earthquake which we experienced all the way from Mendoza, we were still able to have a good time. Luckily there wasn't too much damage in the area we stayed and even with the little aftershocks, our hostel was all in good spirits and ready to party.
It was pretty cool being among the first people who were able to leave Santiago after the earthquake. It felt like we were a part of their history there, as we were being filmed by a local news station right as we were coming off the bus to the damaged airport. We were really lucky we didn't have to reschedule our flight like the many other travelers who had to.
Next, we embarked on an amazing vacation to Montezuma, Costa Rica for a couple weeks visiting our friends who lived there. We only stayed a couple weeks because it ended being more expensive than we thought and we were ready to finish our trip to head back home.
But the views there were so amazing.
I have so many pictures from each place we visited, all with their glorious landscapes of mountains, rocks, and bodies of water. And all the beautiful sunsets! My pictures are just a reminder of how lucky I was to experience all of the beauty in other parts of the world.

A view of the sunset from the ferry to Montezuma

Well, that was just an update. Now time to get back to the down right dirty garbage of Hangover Hair.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tough Titties

Sorry bloggy land.
I apologize for the lack of wonderment on Hangover Hair.
I have been busy studying Spanish in Mendoza and have not had much time for writing or thinking too much in English.
Also, my internet connection has been treating me like shit.
Anyways, I've got a week 1/2 left of Spanish classes, then after that 1 full week to dedicate to blogging, for your reading pleasure, then off to Chile for a couple days and finally Costa Rica.
So I will be dropping out for a bit in the beginning of March, but then up and running once I get adjusted in Costa Riqueno.
I think its for the best that I am not writing too much right now while taking my classes because I keep wanting to say stuff in Spanish.
My brain is a bit turned around right now. But maybe its a good thing because that means I'm learning Espanol and can one day possibly change the blogs name to "Pelo de Resaca".
Well, tough titties for now, you will just have to read a boring blog while I'm not writing. Or you can just read all my posts over and over and write more comments until you puke.

Peace out ghetto bitches!
Stay true to your soul!

I suppose, me blogging on vacation will look similar to this photo. Although, I'll probably ditch the tie and my hair might be longer.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Call Me A Pervert

My obsession with older men began at the age of four. The first man I ever professed my love for was a young, but too old for me at the time, Brad Pitt. Our imaginary affair lasted for a few years until I got a letter in the mail from him, declaring his love, but my excitement soon subsided after finding his signature had clearly been forged by my father. This made me realize that Brad could never really love me, our wedding that I fantasized would never take place, and that my dad, who loved to play practical jokes on me, was lying about Janet Jackson being my real mother.
After the realization that a celebrity was totally out of my league, I moved onto my dads friends. For some reason he had a lot of really hot friends. They were these guys that looked like actors but weren't really actors. I figured I could deal with that, I mean I couldn't be pushy, I was only 9 years old. So at my dads wedding to my stepmother, dressed in my white flower-girl gown, looking like a mini-bride to-be...I waited. I waited until Art, the "Hippie Guy" of my dads friends, would ask me to dance. And I waited all night. I got a lot of pity dances that night from other older male friends of my father. One even went as far as kissing me on the cheek, thinking that would cure my appetite for man. But I wanted Art.
Art was worth the wait. He finally asked me to dance towards the end of the night, and luckily the photographer captured my first happiest moment with a person of the opposite sex. I was gleaming from ear to ear. I wanted whatever song we were dancing to, to last forever. But when the song ended, our dancing ended, and I didn't get the first kiss I had desired. It felt more like, "there, are you happy little girl?"
"Yeah, I'm happy, but I want more".
I knew I wasn't going to get more, I was too young. I had better wait until I'm 16.

Unfortunately, the older I got, the more I started to like guys closer to my age. But when I discovered Teen Bop Magazine, I found that teenagers could be sexy too, as long as they had their shirt off. So I started falling in love with Ryder Strong, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Devon Sawa. Then, Leonardo Dicaprio came around and forced me to watch Titanic, a billion times. After that, 'Nsync tore up my heart, and even though JC was still too old for me, at least I wasn't four anymore.
Now, I am engaged to a guy who is about 2 years older than me. I finally reached that age where trying to date a 26 year old is not creepy.

However, I occasionally like to be reminded of being young and in love with a man much older.
So I watch movies about young girls having torrid affairs with men twice their age. Ever since I first saw Poison Ivy, I have had this yearning for more cinema with this same subject matter.
When I stumbled upon the remake of Lolita with Jeremy Irons and Dominque Swain, I wanted it even more. Call me a pervert, but a love story about a young girl doing it with an older man is extremely titillating. Although, Irons was far too old for my taste, it still resembles something vaguely familiar about my childhood obsession with older men. Lucky for me, it was only fantasy, where I figured I would kiss them at best, not have my clothes ripped off and ravaged. But sex sells in the movie world, and it sold me.

I most recently discovered l'amant (The Lover), a film about a young french girl who begins an affair with a rich China man in Saigon. It was an excellent film, lots of T/V/A of the girl, played by Jane March. In the movie, March reminds me a lot of that actress from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and "Entourage", Alexis Dziena. I suppose they have more in common than just looks, they both have slutty looks on their faces, play slutty characters, and do a lot of nudity.

Also, they both love to sport a huge bush when appearing naked on camera.

For the most part, I am over old men. But one man who has recently done it for me, is an actor named James Morrison, at 56 years of age, he is one hot silver fox. He played Bill Buchanon on "24", but went out in smoke, dying in an explosion last season. James is thoroughly missed on that show.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Help Me Make History From My Bed

So everyone's like, "Omg! I love your blog!", "You are so funny!", and I'm like "Okay, but where are the comments?" and "How come I only have 2 followers??!!!"
Seriously people! I am trying to take over the blogosphere here! Cant you give me some more positive feedback.
I love reading comments! They are like little gems in my life that remind me people are actually reading my blog. I read much more boring and pathetic blogs all the time with like 23 comments under the post, and you cant even say "Hey! Hangover Hair! You rock!"
I would actually even love some mean comments. Shit, at least I would be getting some action around here. You could say, "Wow! This post sucks! I'm sticking to Bitch Bitch Bitch, where I can get a far more entertaining read." Or how about, "Your writing sucks, but you do look hot in your profile pic!! *gag*wink*---From TECHNOSUXxx2000"
Let's make a deal!
I will give you the posts that your brain desires and you will tell at least 5 friends (I don't think that's asking too much) to read my BLOG!
AAAAND! Don't forget to comment!!!
If not, I wont continue laying here in bed doing what I do best...No not having sex!!! WRITING MY BLOG PERVERT!!!
Anyways, I love all my Hangover Heads! You are like what little monsters are to LADY GAGA!

I thought this was a funny homage to the badass chick above. She is one hardcore bitch that I will never be. But I admire her sass! I need to seriously find some stillettos like that...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Who Killed Roberto Benigni?

I love award shows. They are one of my favorite things to watch on television. Ever since I was a little girl I would sit and watch the Oscars, imagining what I would say in my acceptance speech. Although, I don't have the same passion for acting as I used to, its still nice to watch the actors, their speeches and see what they are wearing.
Award shows are a great way to connect with actors and musicians because its the kind of forum where you can see what they are like when they aren't playing a role. You cant know what type of person Sally Field is from watching her in Norma Rae, you only really find out how funny and heartfelt she is from her famous Academy Award speech. Especially back in the 60s and 70s, where these shows were the only place to see a celebrity and find out a bit about their persona.
Of course nowadays, we have online interviews at our fingertips, where we can find out how annoying Ke$ha is or watch interviews of the adorable Taylor Lautner, over and over.
But without award shows like the ones on MTV, we would never have been able to find out how big of a dick Kanye can be or even get to see crazy antics from naked fans rushing the stage.
This also due to the fact most shows are live, so when someone trips or says and does something inappropriate, its all caught on tape, like Mariah Carey's recent drunken acceptance speech.
A lot of people I know cannot stand to sit through award shows because they find them boring, but I like to consider myself a longtime entertainment connoisseur, as well as, a serious movie buff. I mean, I know more actors names than anyone I know, and I take a lot of pride in that.
On that note, I don't think I have heard of or seen Roberto Benigni in a movie since La vita e bella (The Beautiful Life). Of course he went on to do a couple projects like his attempt at Pinocchio and Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes (I <3>, but for the most part since his 1998 child-like display of joy at the Oscars for his win in La vita e bella, he has been nonexistent.
I thought this crazy Italian guy would be all over the big screen after the show he put on at the awards. But surprisingly his fame just fizzled out.

Supposedly he was last seen touring with a one man show. So I guess he is still alive and well, but either retired from acting or simply got no offers for more movies.
Even if he does not continue making movies as brilliant as The Beautiful Life, at least we could always rely on him for giving us a hilarious moment in entertainment history. The first Tom Cruise of his kind, if you will.
We all know Tom was trying to out-do his seat climbing display by jumping on Oprah's couch. Either that or Tom was channeling Dave Chappelle doing Rick James.
Maybe Roberto can bring his career back by doing a one man show where he channels Dave Chappelle, doing Tom Cruise, doing Rick James. On second thought, that might be too much of a disconnect for his audience. I'll come up with something vague and pitch it to him.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Video Phone

Not really. More like my digital camera.
This is a video I put together today, comprised of mini-videos I have taken since I have been in Argentina with my fiance, Brent.
It's 5 minutes long. So I wont be offended if you cant watch the whole thing, but hopefully I'm not too boring and you can sit through it.
For those of you who know me, this pretty much sums up what I've been doing over here. And for those who don't, maybe this will give you a view of what I am all about.
Much love and happy viewing!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Favorite Sarandon

For those of you who didn't know, Susan Sarandon has a daughter, who in her teens began blossoming on-screen with acting talent and style all her own.
Maybe you didn't know their relation because she goes by a different last name. But when you see Eva Amurri there is no denying she is in fact Janet's (Rocky Horror Picture Show) daughter.

Eva made her first big debut playing opposite her mother in The Banger Sisters, where Susan also played her mother on-screen. After that Eva went onto save the cast of Saved! by keeping the audience interested in her badass/kind-hearted character. Blah Blah Blah!
Okay, that's enough of the history lesson. Let's get into what I really want to talk about.
Those of you who do know who Eva is, is most likely due to her "exotic" role on this past season of Californication, where Eva strips down for Hank Moody as his intellectual hottie of a student who takes off her top for cash.
Spank me Professor Duchovny! I've been a naughty girl!
So anyways, in this season, Eva really one ups her mom's tighty-whiteys in an effort to change the phrase from "Damn it! Janet!" to "Awwww shiiiiit! Eva!"...and she does.

I mean, this chick has the nicest tits I have ever seen. And until I saw them, I never really thought too much about other women's breastisis, but I would trade mine for hers in a heartbeat or at least be down for an opportunity to touch them. They are definitely real, which is rad and she knows how to work the pole with them pretty well because they look kind of heavy.
I wonder what her mom thought when she made the decision to bare the family jewels? She must have accepted it since she is probably the coolest mom out. Duh! She was in The Witches of Eastwick, one of my favorite movies of all time!

I normally despise celebrity off-spring but they seem like a really nice family, super down to earth, political activists and humanitarians (maybe even vegetarians or Bulgarians?) who are willing to sign autographs. And they like good food, attributed to the fact that I saw them eating at Sushi Roku a few years back. Mmmmm lobster tempura!

So, Eva Amurri, congratulations on being my favorite Sarandon because you have beautiful jugs and your acting ain't so bad either.

(Oh and don't worry...I love you too, Cher!)