Friday, January 15, 2010

Who Killed Roberto Benigni?

I love award shows. They are one of my favorite things to watch on television. Ever since I was a little girl I would sit and watch the Oscars, imagining what I would say in my acceptance speech. Although, I don't have the same passion for acting as I used to, its still nice to watch the actors, their speeches and see what they are wearing.
Award shows are a great way to connect with actors and musicians because its the kind of forum where you can see what they are like when they aren't playing a role. You cant know what type of person Sally Field is from watching her in Norma Rae, you only really find out how funny and heartfelt she is from her famous Academy Award speech. Especially back in the 60s and 70s, where these shows were the only place to see a celebrity and find out a bit about their persona.
Of course nowadays, we have online interviews at our fingertips, where we can find out how annoying Ke$ha is or watch interviews of the adorable Taylor Lautner, over and over.
But without award shows like the ones on MTV, we would never have been able to find out how big of a dick Kanye can be or even get to see crazy antics from naked fans rushing the stage.
This also due to the fact most shows are live, so when someone trips or says and does something inappropriate, its all caught on tape, like Mariah Carey's recent drunken acceptance speech.
A lot of people I know cannot stand to sit through award shows because they find them boring, but I like to consider myself a longtime entertainment connoisseur, as well as, a serious movie buff. I mean, I know more actors names than anyone I know, and I take a lot of pride in that.
On that note, I don't think I have heard of or seen Roberto Benigni in a movie since La vita e bella (The Beautiful Life). Of course he went on to do a couple projects like his attempt at Pinocchio and Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes (I <3>, but for the most part since his 1998 child-like display of joy at the Oscars for his win in La vita e bella, he has been nonexistent.
I thought this crazy Italian guy would be all over the big screen after the show he put on at the awards. But surprisingly his fame just fizzled out.

Supposedly he was last seen touring with a one man show. So I guess he is still alive and well, but either retired from acting or simply got no offers for more movies.
Even if he does not continue making movies as brilliant as The Beautiful Life, at least we could always rely on him for giving us a hilarious moment in entertainment history. The first Tom Cruise of his kind, if you will.
We all know Tom was trying to out-do his seat climbing display by jumping on Oprah's couch. Either that or Tom was channeling Dave Chappelle doing Rick James.
Maybe Roberto can bring his career back by doing a one man show where he channels Dave Chappelle, doing Tom Cruise, doing Rick James. On second thought, that might be too much of a disconnect for his audience. I'll come up with something vague and pitch it to him.

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