Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Help Me Make History From My Bed

So everyone's like, "Omg! I love your blog!", "You are so funny!", and I'm like "Okay, but where are the comments?" and "How come I only have 2 followers??!!!"
Seriously people! I am trying to take over the blogosphere here! Cant you give me some more positive feedback.
I love reading comments! They are like little gems in my life that remind me people are actually reading my blog. I read much more boring and pathetic blogs all the time with like 23 comments under the post, and you cant even say "Hey! Hangover Hair! You rock!"
I would actually even love some mean comments. Shit, at least I would be getting some action around here. You could say, "Wow! This post sucks! I'm sticking to Bitch Bitch Bitch, where I can get a far more entertaining read." Or how about, "Your writing sucks, but you do look hot in your profile pic!! *gag*wink*---From TECHNOSUXxx2000"
Let's make a deal!
I will give you the posts that your brain desires and you will tell at least 5 friends (I don't think that's asking too much) to read my BLOG!
AAAAND! Don't forget to comment!!!
If not, I wont continue laying here in bed doing what I do best...No not having sex!!! WRITING MY BLOG PERVERT!!!
Anyways, I love all my Hangover Heads! You are like what little monsters are to LADY GAGA!

I thought this was a funny homage to the badass chick above. She is one hardcore bitch that I will never be. But I admire her sass! I need to seriously find some stillettos like that...


  1. hi ash...this is cassie..Im so upset that I just found out about your blog the other night when you were iChatting Robin. if I had known about it before I TOTALLY would have been reading and writing you comments up the wazzo (sp?) Keep it up, its funny and I toats agree with the roberto benigni, surandon daughter tittie, and girls borrowing infinately- blogs! love you long time- Cass

  2. omg hahaha.

    I read your blog all the time! I rarely leave comments on anyones blogs unless I feel my comment is actually meaningful and not just like "omg your blog is so cute!"

    You should have linked my shit haha

    and blogging is bed is so the way to go, I use my iphone and write the last thoughts in my head before I drift off....if you look in my history you should see maybe 20-30 entries usually they are about some type of food im craving haha. keep your blog!

  3. i love you blog assshy-elbows