Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mullet Land

I am currently living in Mendoza, Argentina. A small wine country bordering the Andes mountains, populated by guys with mullets, modestly dressed women, lots of wine, music, steak, napping, and children begging for money while your eating a meal. They have no problem interrupting your meal or even trying to steal your food. It is disheartening but none the less most of locals just ignore them and go about their business. Oh yeah, and people speak Spanish here, which sucks because I cant understand most of what they are saying. Oh yeah, and I forgot to say I moved here with my fiance Brent, he is pretty much the reason I am here.

Back to the mullets. They are everywhere. I think they caught onto the trend back in the 70s and just rolled with it. I don't think they are even trying to give the mullet a comeback like some LA hipster, they are just mullet people in a mullet land. And if you don't have a mullet then you have a rat tail, a snip of hair kept in the back of your head that is longer than the rest of your hair, usually in a braid, or dread locked or just straight. I saw one guy with a curly rat tail, but it reminded me more of a pig tail.

Also, there are stray dogs everywhere. They pretty much run the city and live in the gutters. They come out to look for food and somewhat like the child beggers, they also bug you while you eat. Well, they don't bug me really since I like dogs, but some people here are cruel and will just kick a dog to make it leave the outside eating area. I love the dogs here. They are so smart. They kind of remind me of "All Dogs Go To Heaven" like they have their own little community underground Mendoza, beneath the gutters where they hold poker night and kidnap little girls. They are so smart that they even know not to cross the street when a car is speeding by. Which reminds me: DRIVERS AND PEDESTRIANS BEWARE!
The Argentines drive like maniacs. I fear my life every time I get in a taxi or cross the street. There is no speed limit, no pedestrians right of way, not even divider lines between lanes because there are no lanes. They just do what they please. One time Brent and I were on our way to a club, and our taxi driver sped through every red light to get us there. That was pretty fun but we also had another taxi almost crash us into another car a few weeks after that proving fun is not always safe.

I am still trying to get used to living here. I miss my friends and family but I am sure there are exciting things to come here in Mendoza. I have already experienced some of it and cant wait for more. Since I have been here, I shaved part of my head, maybe next I will shave the whole thing, leaving only a curly rat tail and force Brent to grow a mullet.

A precious pup posing for my camera in the streets

"All Dogs Go To Heaven" based on the stray dogs and homeless
children of Mendoza

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