Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry. I was sleeping.

I was trying to post a blog everyday, but I slept most of the day yesterday and forgot. Call me lazy if you want, but I would just call me sleepy.
Well, I actually have written a couple posts already, but they are just rough drafts right now. I want to work on them a bit more before I post them. Also, a couple of them are just ideas and I dont really feel like starting them yet.
It was nice to check my blog today to see that I am finally getting comments. That was enough motivation to get me to write this post.

Mendoza Update:
I'm still not learning Spanish.
I'm homesick.
I plan to start Spanish next week now.
I craigslisted apartments in Santa Monica, Venice, Westwood today.
I liked it here in the beginning, but I miss home now.
I need friends.
I'm craving Baja Buds.
I have become a full-fledged insomniac.

This picture sums everything up.

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