Sunday, December 27, 2009

X-mas in Mendoza

I was so drunk on Christmas Eve that I think I died and threw-up my entire soul into my bathroom sink. I pretty much killed a litre of Andes (beer) and two hole bottles of Chat Noir Extra Brut champagne to myself. I was a pure debaucherous mess. Subsequently, I was forced to spend X-mas in bed, nursing a headache and a bruised body. And of course all the stores were closed on X-mas out here, so it took forever to get water to take my Motrin. I have not been that hungover in a long time. Even after the nap that I took, I hadn't recovered.
It was pretty fun before I was inebriated though. We had a beautiful dinner on a rooftop overlooking the multiple fireworks shooting off in every direction. Fireworks are popular out here, they use them for pretty much every event or holiday, and they are totally legal.
I also got to play movie charades in Espanol for the first time. It was pretty challenging and I could never guess the movie they were acting out, since I don't know them in Spanish, but I was good at shouting out some of the actions which helped the opposing team.
Well, Christmas is over and now its time to move onto the next hangover. The New Years Hangover.

I set the table. I don't know if this is the correct placement of silverware. But it looked right to me.

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  1. ahahah um jsut the first sentence alone of this is effing hysterical. love your blog.